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Investment Guidance for International Clients

If the global pandemic has taught us anything relating to personal finance, it is that it is never too early to plan and be prepared for you and your family’s future. However, in a world of challenging markets, ever-changing laws, and added stressors, it takes more than investment guidance to help you move forward with confidence. It takes an understanding of your entire financial situation, your goals, and a clear road map for getting where you need to go.

Over the last few years, tax laws have changed quite a bit. These changes have a direct impact on the growing number of multinational families and the strategies involved in financial planning for these unique individuals. It has become an international trend to minimize the tax burden of these accounts due to increased tax enforcement and reporting. To ensure your family’s financial future will be intact, it is important that international and multinational families have the right structure set up for their investments so they can last generations.

Challenging markets and these ever-changing laws reinforce a crucial part of financial planning: the need for active listening and constant communication. Overcoming the static and getting the right information to make informed decisions about your investments, requires a steady, engaged, and experienced advisor.

I’ve built my career as a trusted financial advisor by guiding high-net-worth domestic and international clients to meet their financial goals. In addition to my over thirty years of experience, I have earned credentials as a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Investment Management Analyst, and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor. However, I do not rely solely on my experience. I am always learning about new and improved investment vehicles and opportunities while listening closely to my clients to help them identify and achieve their financial aspirations. Additionally, my multi-lingual background allows me to better serve clients both domestically and internationally.

My practice is built on trust, transparency, and strong relationships I have with my clients. I have learned to shape investment strategies to specific goals and stages in my clients’ lives, whether it is saving to purchase a first home, planning for their children’s college, setting up funds for grandchildren, or planning for a comfortable retirement. My passion has always been to leverage my investment knowledge to help individuals from all backgrounds to achieve their goals and secure their financial futures.

If you are interested in looking at your current financial plan or would like to meet with a financial advisor for the first time, please contact my office.

Rosalie Schlaen, CFP®, CIMA, CRPC®
First Vice President – Investments, International Client Advisor