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NYSTRS: Benefits For Teachers

NYSTRS – The New York State Teachers' Retirement System – The Hicksville Congress of Teachers

written for Pinnacle Investments by Jeremy Kidd


What is NYSTRS?


The New York State Teachers’ Retirement System (NYSTRS) is a fantastic resource for teachers planning their financial futures. NYSTRS’ mission is to provide secure pensions to public school teachers across New York State. NYSTRS is one of the 10-largest public pension funds in the nation and currently assists 263,000 active members as well as nearly 179,000 retirees and beneficiaries!


A Rock-Solid Benefit for Teachers


The New York State teacher’s retirement system offers one of the highest funding ratios in the nation, providing assurance that your retirement income will be secure. This system has thousands of active members and a 30-year investment return averaging 8.5%.


Depending on when you retire you may be eligible to receive 60% of your final average salary for the rest of your life. To make the best pension option selection for you and your family, consider working with a financial planner.


Using your 403(b) and investments can help bridge the income gap until your social security payments reach their maximum. Although most teachers will reach full retirement age between 66 and 67, waiting until 70 to receive social security payments increases your payments by 8% annually. However, with a conservative portfolio like most retirees have, it is unlikely that your 403(b) will provide an 8% rate of return.


Plan ahead and contribute to your 403(b) early and often to supplement the strong foundation provided by your pension and social security. Don’t forget to add in a 403(b) to build the retirement of your dreams!


More information on the NYS Teacher’s Retirement System:,the%20actuarial%20value%20of%20assets


More information about potential 403(b):



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