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Your Coach After the Game is Over

You have the passion and drive needed to be successful in your field. However, your dedication may not leave you enough time to think about wealth management or how to maintain your wealth for life after the game. Just as a coach helps you prepare for the next big game; a financial advisor helps you prepare for your future success in life. The Sports & Entertainment Division of Pinnacle Investments understands the unique needs of professionals in the industry and aims to reduce financial risk and prepare you for a long career after the game.

We understand the stress and responsibility that can accompany wealth being a professional in the sports and entertainment industry. That’s why our comprehensive approach will create a financial plan that fits your needs and address your complete financial future, giving you more time to focus on your career instead of worrying about your financial life. You’ll benefit from working one-on-one with a financial advisor who completely understands your situation and will guide you through it every step of the way.

Dedicated to serving the sophisticated financial needs of sports and entertainment professionals.

College and professional athletes, coaches, and owners in all major sports.

Actors, directors, writers, and producers of TV, movie, and theater.

Musicians, songwriters, producers, and managers from all genres.

A Game Plan for Every Phase of Your Career

Every sports and entertainment professional has their own set of unique circumstances, wealth profile, and career lifespan. They require a trusted financial professional who can guide them through all phases of their career with in-depth knowledge of the industry. That’s where we come in.

1. Financial Education & Building Your Wealth

  • Education of good financial habits and topics such as budgeting, taxes, estate management, etc.
  • Establishing a financial plan that prepares for significant life changes
  • Understanding obstacles that may cause financial stress and how to overcome them

2. Post-Career Planning

  • Planning for continued success in life beyond the sport
  • Finding and identifying skills and interests outside the game that translate to the corporate world
  • Learning the importance of building a network and how to do that efficiently
  • Pinpoint opportunities to maintain brand relevance

3. Leaving a Legacy & Philanthropic Strategies

  • Determine the individual legacy and review different giving strategies
  • Review opportunities within the current organization and evaluate requests for support
  • Get involved in the community before writing a check

The Head Coaches

Paul DiPietro
Wealth Management Advisor

Main: 561-961-4044
Toll Free: 888-291-8534
Direct: 561-961-4831

Oronde Gadsden
Player Liaison Manager

Main: 561-961-4044
Toll Free: 888-291-8534
Direct: 561-245-8473

Michael Borgia
Senior Vice President – Investments

Main: 561-961-4044
Toll Free: 888-291-8534
Direct: 561-961-4327

The Assistant Coaches

Benjamin R. Quilty, MBA, CFP®
Chief Executive Officer
Pinnacle Investments

Mark Nardella, President

Mark T. Nardella, MBA, CFP®
Pinnacle Investments

Elizabeth Bartlett
Chief Business Development Officer
Pinnacle Holding Co.

Elizabeth Conklin
Marketing & Branding Manager
Pinnacle Holding Co.