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Pinnacle Investments, LLC Launches Digital Investments Technology, Partners with Food Bank of Central New York

Syracuse, NY – Pinnacle Investments, LLC has announced the launch of an automated investment platform, named “Ascend.” With over $1.2 billion in assets under management, Pinnacle investments has a growing presence in the Upstate New York region and is engaged in changing the way people think about financial services companies. Ascend is a tailored program designed to make investing easier and more accessible for all investors. This is accomplished by eliminating common barriers to investing such as account minimums, while simultaneously lowering fees to make investing more affordable.

The project is lead by a development committee comprised of youthful and talented financial advisors. Jeffrey Watson was recently named President of Ascend Advisor. Watson stated, “Ascend will allow us to engage with young professionals and growing families. It’s an opportunity to help them start making smart financial decisions that will have a profound impact on their financial future.” Ascend provides clients with a fee-only asset management structure driven by goal-based financial planning. Whether an investor is saving for the next vacation, summer house, or child’s college education, the program is adaptable to their individual needs.

While Pinnacle continues to be a leader in the region by providing innovative products, they are committed to generating as well as returning financial earnings to the CNY community. “We believe that good business starts with giving back to our community,” said Brandon Kidd, Financial Advisor. For that reason, Pinnacle has pledged to donate 10% of net profits from Ascend to the Food Bank of CNY.

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