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Dee Darby, Technology and Operations

Danielle Darby

Operations Assistant Manager

Danielle “Dee” Darby is Pinnacle’s very own version of “American Honey.” She grew up “sweet and slow” on a farm in Weedsport, NY that was passed down through the generations. Her childhood was filled with days of play in the pastures and some of her childhood friends included cows. She was one of the boys, racing four-wheelers to the creek and “mudding.” She was raised to work hard and her family instilled in her an understanding that nothing in life is free. She put in time on the farm-bailing hay or picking rock (you can ask her what that means when you see her).

Those were the stepping stones of leadership skills and the base of work ethic that she has been bringing to Pinnacle every day for the last sixteen years. It was that work ethic that led her from the receptionist to Operations Associate, Operations Assistant Manager, Technical Support, and Technology Manager. When she is not working, Dee loves spending time cruising the waters of Cayuga Lake with her family. It is her mission to teach her son Landon good old farm values and show him the experiences of the world while leading by example as a businesswoman. She works hard each day to achieve her goals and keeps going until the job is done. Pinnacle has enjoyed the harvest of her efforts.